MSE Congress Plus

1.  What is the purpose of setting MSE Congress Secretarial Services?

The aim is to provide administrative/secretarial support to feelancers, small businesses or associations that do not have their own space and secretarial staff.  All secretarial services can be provided from our premises at a low cost to the customer.

2.  Why should someone choose this service?
By choosing this service you get easily and simply all the advantages and benefits of a large business without having the cost of office equipment or staff hiring.  Our service covers the secretarial/administrative needs of any proffesional either he works from home or it is a company with expansion aspirations but does not need to have a full-time office.  The benefits are much more than the cost of this service.

3.  Which are the benefits?
  • No cost of the employment and training of staff
  • No cost for office space and office equipment
  • No cost for managing phone line, fax, e-mail, internet and electricity
Administrative & other:
  • Free time to grow your business and your profits
  • You can easily have acess to a variety of proffesional services, all from one source
  • Enhance the image and prestige of your company
4.  Can I choose specific services depending on my needs?
Yes, each customer can choose any service believes, whether it is only the management of calls and appointments or an integrated service which includes contact with debtors, accountants or planning of business trip abroad. Each package can be tailored to your needs and can be upgraded at any time you believe that your needs have been increased. 

5.  Why choose us?
  • We offer a bespoke service tailored to you and your needs.  You guide us and we fit in with you
  • We offer a personal touch.  We will get to know you and your business and quickly become an effective member of your team
  • You will have your own personal Virtual Assistant.  A member of our staff will work for you to give you consistency and stability.  You will not have a different VA for each project.
  • We will ease your stress and do everything we can to accommodate your personal preferences